Category: Education

Step Challenge

Promoting positive health and wellbeing through physical activity.

Social Action

Projects > Health Hub Youth Engagement Service  > Social Action Social Action Project Theme: Education Working alongside the StreetReach project, our Social Action group looked at topics including, Active Citizenship, Our Role in the Community and how we can make lasting positive change. The project worked towards planning a local social action  project that would…
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Juice Bar

Raising awareness of food nutrition and look at how food affects our overall health and wellbeing.

Intergenerational Project

Promoting greater understanding and respect between generations and building more connected communities.

The Sleep Campaign

The Sleep Campaign aims to explore the effects of sleep disruption and how it affects health and wellbeing.

Youth Stories Podcast

Youth Stories is a youth-led podcast that enables young people to share their unique experiences and learning on a range of relevant issues facing young people.