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We have an incredible team of staff, volunteers and board members that work to serve the YMCA and our local community.

Karen Graham
Executive Officer

Sarah Johnston
Deputy Executive Officer

Denise Yea

Maurice Shearer
Pakt Project Coordinator

Kylie Brown 
Pakt Project Worker

Trevor Robinson
Youth At Risk Project Worker 

Bethany McCarthy
Drugs & Alcohol Project Worker

Adam Hamilton
Health Hub Project Coordinator

Jordan Brownlee
Youth Club Coordinator

Connie Bamford
Student Placement

Josh Humpries
Youth Worker

Orin Hampson
Youth At Risk Area Worker 

Claire Yacoub
Youth At Risk Project Worker 

Ian McKenzie
Health Hub Project Worker

Scot Mclean
Youth At Risk Area Worker 

Paul Eaton
Outreach Projector Coordinator

Chelsea Harwood
Business Support