Period Positive Project

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Period Positive Project

Young people from Carrickfergus YMCA have been looking at issues relating to period poverty as part of their Period Positive Project.

They are working towards the following goals: 

  • Providing products within our programmes and projects
  • Raising awareness of periods and period conditions
  • Tackling the stigma around periods through education
We would love to share more about our Period Positive Project and encourage you to develop your own organisational plan for making periods positive. To find out more, please get in contact.


The Period Period Pledge was developed by young people and is our commitment to making periods positive for everyone.

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We want to raise awareness, provide education and tackle the stigma around periods and period conditions.

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Find out how local young people have been helping to make a difference.

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If you could like to support us in providing period products to local young people – let’s get connected.

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